LooksLikeLarry Productions

Bringing back the Pin Up Poster. Providing stock and customizable media for personal and business use

Business advertising

Instant cult classic following with promotional posters. One of the longest lasting forms of advertising with your Business Name and contact info. Whether your treating favorite customers and rewarding new ones, they will come back for more!

Programs starting as low as $4 a poster. Inquire within.

Freelance and Event Photography

I am a photographer passionate about Pin Up and Car/Motorcycle photography.

Over the last 10+ years I have honed my artistic eye to capture the beauty in all things. It is the ability to listen to what the clients want and their specific vision where I provide value. I have only begun to listen and invite you to come along with this vision and make good times into lifelong memories.

Your Car never looked so Good

Hosting a LooksLikeLarry photo shoot was out of this world. He brought the shoot to me with his models. Watching and experiencing first hand what goes in to the final image is incredible. Simple amazing!

Joe T

Todd is one of the most professional photographers I have worked with. He is kind, respectful, creative, and mindful of your time. He comes well prepared and the shoot stays on track and is productive. Both photos and videos are taken, and the images are very high quality and beautiful. I hope to continue to work with him in the future.

Vivian R